stove drawer

I’ve started the stove drawer today.  I decided to go with 1×4 pine on four sides of the stove as a drop-in box for the drawer that will slide out on side-mount drawer slides.  Why a drop-in box?  I’ll use quick-connect fittings and allow the stove box to be lifted out of the drawer box so as to set the stove on a picnic table or some other remote place.  Or not.  I’ll have another look at it after a cup of tea.

teardrop 1 20200625_103633 stove box.jpg
 teardrop 1 20200625_103641 stove box.jpg


countertop 3 resin, stove drawer

So I bit the bullet and made a new countertop (#3) out of 1/2″ spruce ply.  Why is that?  The resin on countertop #2 just refused to set.  There were two giant sticky spots on it, presumably from not mixing it well enough.  The secret to making sure it’s mixed, long after mix the heck out of it, is to pour it from one vessel to another and back again.  Worried about air bubbles?  Don’t be.  If your prepared resin is poured over the surface quickly enough, the air bubbles will rise to the surface.

teardrop 1 20200618_104353 2nd, 3rd countertop w- resin.jpg
 teardrop 1 20200618_104404 3rd countertop resin surface.jpg
 teardrop 1 20200618_104431 3rd countertop resin drying.jpg
 teardrop 1 20200618_104454 mixing resin.jpg
 teardrop 1 20200619_082852 3rd countertop w- resin.jpg

I think it turned out well enough.  However, I have now had a change of plans for the galley.  I don’t want to cut into this countertop!  So, I’ll be making a drawer for the stove.  It won’t be embedded into the countertop as I originally planned.  More pictures on this when it’s complete.

reconstructing doors

Got a problem.  The passenger (right) side door is warped.  I have to redo it – rather, them.  Pain in the butt.  Floyd and I worked hard at creating these doors.  We spent hours putting them together.  But somehow during the winter they warped.  Well, one did.  The other is fine.  What happened?  Moisture?  Bad lumber?  Who knows.  So … here goes.

teardrop 1 20200615_113326 reconstructing doors, old door.jpg
 teardrop 1 20200615_113334 reconstructing doors, door hole.jpg
 teardrop 1 20200615_113340 reconstructing doors, plywood.jpg
 teardrop 1 20200615_114046 reconstructing doors, window out.jpg
 teardrop 1 20200615_114049 reconstructing doors, window.jpg
 teardrop 1 20200616_183636 reconstructing doors, latch experiment.jpg
 teardrop 1 20200616_183646 reconstructing doors, latch experiment.jpg
 teardrop 1 20200616_183652 reconstructing doors, house latch experiment.jpg
 teardrop 1 20200616_183659 reconstructing doors, house latch experiment.jpg
 teardrop 1 20200616_183706 reconstructing doors, RV latch experiment.jpg
 teardrop 1 20200616_183712 reconstructing doors, RV latch experiment.jpg
 teardrop 1 20200616_183718 reconstructing doors, edge.jpg
 teardrop 1 20200616_183811 reconstructing doors, fitting pine.jpg

I’ve taken the door off the trailer and taken the window out to use in the next door.  I bought another new sheet of 5/8″ spruce ply.  Hopefully the ply will hold its shape better.