a little dim

The tenant advised me that the bathroom light, out of the blue, stopped dimming. It wasn’t a big deal, said the tenant, but it was annoying nonetheless.

What the heck is this all about?  If it dimmed before, and then stopped dimming, it must be an electronic issue.

I replaced the dimmer switch, and the problem persisted.  The tenant suggested it might be a light fixture.  One other tenant who shares rent attends university in Electrical Engineering and suggested it was the fixture.  So a few weeks later I brought by a new light fixture.

Just in case, I also brought some dimmable bulbs.  Before replacing the fixture, I thought I’d take a chance and replace the bulbs.


520 12C St N Lethbridge AB main 20240501_122405 bathroom light working (new dimmer bulbs).mp4 

Ta-dah!  Fixed!

Hmm.  The tenant didn’t change the bulbs?

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