LG washer from Home Depot

At Home Depot, I saw an LG washer.

(Ever wonder what LG stands for?  There were two companies in South Korea – Lucky (락희), Korea’s first plastics manufacturer, and Goldstar, Korea’s first radio manufacturer.  They merged in 1983 to create Lucky-Goldstar, later shortened to LG.  There’s an interesting account of this in Wikipedia.)  But I digress…

I bought a used Samsung washer (also Korean) for this suite but ended up using it at 1403 as the old top-loader that was there quit.

I bought a new Samsung washer for this suite.  Well the used Samsung at 1403 quit, too, so that’s where the new Samsung is.  I’m tired of buying and fixing old machines.  I’m tired of moving machines around.

So I bought the LG.  Where is it now?  In this (520) suite, hopefully to stay.

wooden wall planks

And now, for my next trick, I must turn this…

into this…

to finish this.

Wish me luck.

Well, the first cut isn’t bad 

The tongue and groove still has to be made. Only 5 3/4 more 2x6s to go.

new oak panels gained, stained, & urethaned

Should I give up rhyming?

Floyd and I looked at the drywall in the sun room yesterday.  It was damaged at the top and just didn’t match the rest of the room.  What’s more, it was yellow! “Just pull it off then,” Floyd said.  So we did.  I got four new panels the same as yesterday’s.  All the painted paneling and drywall will return to oak paneling.  I spent yesterday staining them, and today they are polyurethaned.  (Yes, I’m aware that polyurethane is not a verb.)

attempt at removing old yellow paint from oak paneling (took bloody forever):

yesterday’s paneling:

pulling off old painted paneling:

insulating while there’s a chance to do so:

today’s urethaning: