skim coat applied, window frames stripped

Shane decided a skim coat was needed for the dining room and kitchen before the texture is applied. Once it’s dried, he’ll come in with his sprayer and apply the textured coat, smooth it, and sand it. After that, I’ll paint.

Floyd and I have been working on the window frames, stripping the paint, sanding, filling holes (with the right colour), and urethaning. I’d say they look good and match the rest of the window frames.


Nearing the finish line for interior work.

living room trim

The baseboard 1x8s are ready now – routered, stained, and urethaned, so we put them up.  Because the floor is not really level across about 24 feet (7.3m), there were adjustments needed.  It turned out to be easiest to cut them into specific lengths to match the straight parts of the floor.


The rear deck post is fixed now, too.