Teardrop 1 018 4×10

I wanted to see how things would fit if I went with a 4×10 trailer instead of a 5×10.  It all fits.  I had to go with a smaller microwave.  This saved me two inches that I could use to include the sink I have.  Hmm.  Spend $80 on a new (smaller) microwave or $150 on a new (smaller) sink.  I went with smaller money – that is, smaller microwave and larger sink.

The trailer weights are similar.  Comparison:

All can be expanded to 10 feet by not using the hinge feature.  Not sure who will win out.  I did purchase the 5×8 last night from Inflatable’s website, but they won’t get shipment in from their suppliers until the end of Nov. 2018, so I had to cancel the order.  (Place Sad Face Here.)

Furthermore, I think the additional cost in materials – plywood, mainly – will necessitate going with a 4×8.

Plus, the Excel spreadsheet I have to calculate costs, weights, moments (weight distribution across the tires), and such is now geared for a 4×8 (that is, 4×10) trailer.

Here’s the latest.

I tried rotating the stove (cooker, stove top, hob, whatever you want to call it) to sit horizontal to the counter top.  I thought that it would offer better cooking ability to have the burners side-by-side.  But a) it doesn’t give enough clearance for the microwave shelf wall, and b) I think it takes up too much counter space.

I turned it back.


I created an antenna mount yesterday and put an antenna on it today.  Pretty time consuming making Families for Revit.  But I think it looks good.  I also put this on my blog.  See radio transceiver antenna mount.