new oak panels gained, stained, & urethaned

Should I give up rhyming?

Floyd and I looked at the drywall in the sun room yesterday.  It was damaged at the top and just didn’t match the rest of the room.  What’s more, it was yellow! “Just pull it off then,” Floyd said.  So we did.  I got four new panels the same as yesterday’s.  All the painted paneling and drywall will return to oak paneling.  I spent yesterday staining them, and today they are polyurethaned.  (Yes, I’m aware that polyurethane is not a verb.)

attempt at removing old yellow paint from oak paneling (took bloody forever):

yesterday’s paneling:

pulling off old painted paneling:

insulating while there’s a chance to do so:

today’s urethaning:

skim coat applied, window frames stripped

Shane decided a skim coat was needed for the dining room and kitchen before the texture is applied. Once it’s dried, he’ll come in with his sprayer and apply the textured coat, smooth it, and sand it. After that, I’ll paint.

Floyd and I have been working on the window frames, stripping the paint, sanding, filling holes (with the right colour), and urethaning. I’d say they look good and match the rest of the window frames.


Nearing the finish line for interior work.

scraping continues

And the scraping continues, this time on the second floor in the middle bedroom. The baseboards are all painted white, but they’re nearly impossible to remove without damage, so they’ll have to remain white. We’ve taken the trim boards off of the closet and ran them through the new planer and quarter them with polyurethane (yesterday).  They look good, but now I’ve got to scrape the window frames as well. Dang. All under days work.