vanity plumbing, kitchen countertops, drywall, framing

I think I have everything.  I’m installing the plumbing for the vanity now.  I had to buy a crimping tool.  Yet another tool.

So for the kitchen sink, I think a 1-1/2 sink would be best.  It is a small suite with not much counter space.  Besides – it was on sale.


And now the vanity plumbing is done.


But there is a problem.  I got dingle-berry to cut the countertops, and they turned out to not match.


This could only be caused by two things, in my mind – the countertops are not the same depth (I bought one 10′ and one 4′), or the cuts were not precisely 45°.  But, as you can see, they are exactly the same depth.  So that leaves only dingle-berry’s 45° cut.


It will have to wait for another day.  <sad face>

But there is much to do.  FT and I hung drywall pieces and adjusted and reinforced framing (can’t hang a door on something that wobbles that much!).

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