soundproof insulation, drywall, corner views

I bought five bundles of Rockwool soundproof insulation from Home Depot.  They’re not cheap!  But, living in a mobile home (i.e. “trailer”, or “manufactured home”), I know the value of soundproofing rooms.  I was insistent that this be installed between living / kitchen areas, bedroom, and shower / toilet / laundry areas.


It’s nice to have some sizable sheets of drywall up.  It’s not a lot of work, but it seems milestone-ish because a) it’s so visible and b) it represents all the behind-the-scenes work (plumbing, electrical, framing, … planning!) that is done beforehand.  FT helped with much of the drywall as my shoulder still bothers me from the Kia accident.

I suppose the toughest part was stuffing it all in behind the shower stall.  I should have insulated it before the shower was installed.  I was racing against the clock then as the plumbers had their timeline.  The insulation was sacrificed from the schedule at that time.

So now you see the corner views again.

corner looking SW (from living room)
corner looking SE (from bedroom)
corner looking NE (from bathroom)

What will happen tomorrow?

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