bath fan ducting

I bought two of these bathroom fans from Rona.  They were on clearance.  I wonder(ed) why.  As it turns out, most bathroom fans have 4-inch ducts.  This one has 3″.  Why on earth would one need to move that much air out of the bathroom?  Anyway, I’ll get some 3″ flexible ducting for this next time I’m out shopping.


So why two?  I thought I’d replace the one at home eventually.  It never occurred to me to check the duct size.  I’ll do that … someday.

dump run

Yesterday I wondered what I would do today.  I guess, since it is a Saturday, I’ll make a dump run.  Not a big load this time but a heavy one nonetheless.  180kg (400 lbs.) of mostly drywall.


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vanity plumbing, drywalling

Now comes the piecing together all the parts for the vanity.  I hope this works!


There were tonnes of pieces of drywall leftover from 1403.  My goal was to use up as much of this little pieces as possible.  The downsize is that I end up skim-coating large swaths of wallboard.  🙁

more electrical, drywall, painting, microwaves

So today’s activities include drywalling. In order to do that, I had to reroute some of the wires in the breaker panel so the drywall would fit. Well, if I’m doing that, I might as well label on my circuit numbers.

Once all that is done, I can finally hang my upper cabinets. However, that means I have to paint first.


Then I can finally see if my microwave fits.

A tenant gave back a microwave oven a couple of days ago.  Apparently no one wants them!

today’s tasks: vents, wiring, glue

Today’s tasks are installing roof gable vents, running wiring for the new electric water heater and three outside receptacles, and putting down glue for the kitchen, hall, closets, and bathroom flooring.  I only arrived here at 12 noon, so we’ll see how far I can get.  It’s not 35 degrees outside today, so I won’t cook in the attic.

back in the back

We’re back in the back building again. It’s being used as storage at the moment, but I’ll be starting to lay the pro board down, and hopefully things will start to take shape soon.