I’ve taken these home to sand and urethane.  These will be trim boards for doors and windows and baseboards throughout the suite.


I’m hoping the end effect will not be humble looking but, rather, simple, clean, and natural.

A friend asked where all these sticks came from.  Here’s the story.  The floor framing is made of 2x3s ripped down to the same thickness as the rigid flooring insulation (about 2-1/8″).  These sticks are the leftovers.  Waste not, want not!

teardrop cover

It’s here!  I ordered a cover from Covers and All for the teardrop trailer a few weeks ago, and it arrived today.  FT and I will head out to put it on this afternoon when it gets a little warmer.  I’ll just leave the 8-mil poly on it as added protection.



Here it is!  It fits perfectly.  The people at Covers and All know what they’re doing!  Kudos, guys.

plastic wrap

It’s been a while since I ordered the cover for the teardrop trailer.  I’ve decided to wrap the top in 6-mil poly (plastic, for the layperson) until the cover comes.  FT needs his garage back!


Oh, so lonely and cold!

back splash glued

I finally got the back splash glued in place.  I don’t think it’ll fall off this time.

And now to finally finish gluing the flooring down.  What a pain in the neck.  Hint to anyone doing their own glue-on vinyl plank flooring: no matter what the flooring guys tell you, don’t use a paint roller for the glue!  Use an adhesive spreader!

I’ll take these home to sand and urethane.


What the heck am I doing with these?  They will become window and door trim and baseboards.  …  Don’t worry – I’ll show you when it’s done.  You’ll like it.

third paint

Third bit of paint goes on today, this time on whole walls in the bedroom.

The drywall looks a little rough in places. Not sure if SB actually finished yet. He said it’d be ready for paint Saturday morning. (Sunday today.)

LG washer from Home Depot

At Home Depot, I saw an LG washer.

(Ever wonder what LG stands for?  There were two companies in South Korea – Lucky (락희), Korea’s first plastics manufacturer, and Goldstar, Korea’s first radio manufacturer.  They merged in 1983 to create Lucky-Goldstar, later shortened to LG.  There’s an interesting account of this in Wikipedia.)  But I digress…

I bought a used Samsung washer (also Korean) for this suite but ended up using it at 1403 as the old top-loader that was there quit.

I bought a new Samsung washer for this suite.  Well the used Samsung at 1403 quit, too, so that’s where the new Samsung is.  I’m tired of buying and fixing old machines.  I’m tired of moving machines around.

So I bought the LG.  Where is it now?  In this (520) suite, hopefully to stay.

bath fan ducting

I bought two of these bathroom fans from Rona.  They were on clearance.  I wonder(ed) why.  As it turns out, most bathroom fans have 4-inch ducts.  This one has 3″.  Why on earth would one need to move that much air out of the bathroom?  Anyway, I’ll get some 3″ flexible ducting for this next time I’m out shopping.


So why two?  I thought I’d replace the one at home eventually.  It never occurred to me to check the duct size.  I’ll do that … someday.

dump run

Yesterday I wondered what I would do today.  I guess, since it is a Saturday, I’ll make a dump run.  Not a big load this time but a heavy one nonetheless.  180kg (400 lbs.) of mostly drywall.


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