teardrop 1 007 wall studs, insulated floors

Nothing really new to report here.  I tried a few things, moving various parts around.

Where do I put the water tanks?  In this version, there is a fresh water tank on the right (passenger) side and grey water under the sink on the left.  To have the water tanks fit, the counter top needs to be raised to more than 3′-2″ from ground level.  How high is your stove & sink at home?  I bet it’s not that high.  People usually bring their kids camping.  Do they have to stand on something?  Unsafe.  I did the scientific tape-on-the-door method to get a proper feel for the heights of various components.

<sorry, pic missing>

Does the grey tank have to be the same size as the fresh?  I should think not.  The 20ℓ Aqua Pak tank from Canadian Tire is good for fresh, but I doubt very much the grey water needs to be more than 10ℓ.

Again, I didn’t get carried away with wall studs yet because I’m not entirely satisfied with the overall shape yet.  No wall studs done.

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