Teardrop 1 008 streamlined

Version 8 is geared to be a little more streamline.  It sits at 4′-7½” total height from the ground and includes a 12-inch radius curved cut front, roof, & rear.  No, the innards aren’t going to stick up like this.  But I want to get the shape right first.  That’s one of the few artistic expressions of teardrops – the shape.

This compromises available space in the galley.  Where will the water tanks go?  And the microwave?  They can fit down below.

The microwave will be at a less convenient level, but,

  • It won’t force the user to reach across 18 inches of counter top plus the depth of the microwave to get at food.
  • You won’t burn your arms reaching over top propane burners.
  • Kids can microwave popcorn.
  • I can microwave my coffee without raising my butt out of my chair.  How convenient.
  • Plus, there is a space for a drawer for pots & pans (well, perhaps only pans) under the microwave.  It also lowers the overall center of gravity by a smidge.

Benefits abound.

But it’s so dang wide!  The microwave is 19″ wide, and the fridge is 24″.  That doesn’t leave much.  What to do, what to do.

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