Teardrop 1 011 simplified roof

I thought of bending Plexiglas to create curved windows for the front and back tight-radius areas, buying bendable Luan panels from Windsor Plywood, and skinning the front with a metal rock guard.  In the end, I went with a simplified roof line – 2′ straight up, then a 7′-6″ radius for the roof.  (I can bend any piece of three-eights-inch plywood to that curve.)

At some point, I put speakers facing into the berth, a cabinet at the front of the berth, a mattress (53″ x 74½”, RV full size), and the NRE symbol at the rear.  The sink & stove are also facing lengthwise front-to-back again giving more counter space.  The stereo, CB, & solar controller continually move.  I had them anchored to various things before, but there’s no point in nailing anything down yet.

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