Teardrop 1 014 less curved roof

This one shows a changed roof line again.  Some bloggers say that a 4×8 piece of plywood can be bent to a 20-inch radius, and this is supposed to be a “teardrop” shape, so I’m going back to the curved front & rear ends.

In the process, the roof curve itself has been slightly straightened to allow a little extra height at both ends.

I created some door families.  Wait – what?

At various points in this project, I created a few “families”.  “You did what?”  Rather than me explaining it, I’ll let Autodesk.  I created:

  • Allpowers 100W solar panel
  • some 6×9 speakers (parametric for various plywood thicknesses)
  • a horizontal GFI outlet
  • a door
  • some beaded pine plywood
  • a mattress
  • a sink (parametric) to match the one from the Sprite trailer or whatever sink might fit
  • 4-inch water tanks also from the Sprite  (Yes, they are actually 4″ tall.)
  • a mousepad (to cushion the water pump)
  • an Amarine Made AMBP1-G750-07 bilge pump
  • fuse box R3-76 (in various rotations, with various mounting types)
  • the NRE logo (twice)
  • a SHURflo 4028-100-E54 water pump
  • a few inverters (some nicer than others)
  • Aqua Pak 10-litre water container
  • Aqua Pak 20-litre water container (I couldn’t figure out how to parametric the 10-litre)
  • Dometic SeaLand portable toilet (just the box shape, not details)
  • a turntable to rotate the stereo
  • a Reliance Desert Patrol Water Container, 23-L
  • a Noria Window Air Conditioner
  • a few microwaves (no details)
  • a Marey GA5LP Gas Water Heater
  • a Coleman Powerchill™ 40 Quart Thermoelectric Cooler

All of these are a little crude, but they suffice to add to the project.  You’ll eventually see them included in the trailer.  I want to make sure I’m not stepping on anyone’s toes legally speaking before putting pictures of them online.

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