my new ribs

I posted this yesterday afternoon, then my server hit a snag.  I lost this entry.  I’ll enter it again.  It won’t be as eloquently, wittily, or interestingly put as it was before.

I’ve been back at work on the teardrop trailer (teardrop 1).  Floyd and I looked at length at the ribs I created for the galley hatch several weeks back.  I determined that they weren’t usable.

So, we created six new ones.  Now they’re up.  The framework for the galley hatch is up.

more galley hatch rib pics

  7/2/2019  8:01 PM      1690781 teardrop 1 20190702_200109 galley without hatch.jpg
  7/3/2019  7:36 PM      4830186 teardrop 1 20190703_193617 new galley hatch ribs being cut.jpg
  7/5/2019  8:12 AM      3784341 teardrop 1 20190703_193623 new galley hatch ribs.jpg
  7/5/2019  8:06 AM      4073577 teardrop 1 20190703_195637 old galley hatch ribs.jpg

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