no longer unhinged

Now to determine the placement of components in the hatch with the new design (speakers, latch / lock, pneumatic lift mechanisms) – I purchased from Home Depot two lifts, rated to hold 8-12kg, to be delivered within “3-16 days”.  The ones they had in stock were pretty little and thus unusable.  In the mean time, most of it can be framed in.

We used a piano hinge with rubber from a bicycle tire inner tube surrounding it.

I cannot afford US$100+ for a hurricane hinge.  I bought an RV hatch door from a dealer in town in hopes of using that, but it only had six screw mounting points to the hatch portion; not nearly strong enough.  So, this piano hinge with rubber will be good.

more hing pics

  7/3/2019  2:05 PM      4042984 teardrop 1 20190703_140546 piano hinge with rubber.jpg
  7/4/2019 10:10 AM      3429873 teardrop 1 20190703_140555 piano hinge with rubber.jpg

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